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United States Science Pavilion

Pacific Science Center began as the United States Science Pavilion during the 1962 World's Fair, with six building surrounding white arches rising above a court of reflecting pools. It features hundreds of hands-on exhibits, a planetarium, IMAX® and Laser shows.

Journey back in time and meet nine moving, roaring robotic dinosaurs, including this T-Rex.

Robotic Dinosaurs
First Alert Weather Center

First Alert Weather Center
Become a virtual meteorologist forecasting the weather.

Insect Village
Visitors often go bug-eyed with excitement exploring the Insect Village and meeting its inhabitants including some giant, robotic specimens. Highlights include a live Insect Zoo where visitors can touch - if they dare - live hissing cockroaches, walking sticks, millipedes and even go eye-to-eye with a hairy tarantula.

Insect Village
Tropical Butterfly House

Tropical Butterfly House
Despite Seattle's infamously dreary weather, visitors are assured warmth and brightness inside Pacific Science Center's Tropical Butterfly House. Hundreds of free-flying colorful butterflies from arund the world will delight visitors of all ages.

Water Works
Pacific Science Center's outdoor exhibit. Visitors can power a water wheel, aim at targets in the water arcade and maneuver a two-ton granite ball suspended on water.

Water Works
Virtual City

Tech Zone
Visitors can hand glide in a virtual city, play virtual basketball, try tic-tac-toe against a ten-foot robot, surt the Internet and more.

Boeing IMAX® Theater Pacific Science Center's Boeing IMAX® Theater features both regular IMAX® and IMAX® 3D features.

Boeing IMAX Theater

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