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Theater of the Sea

Theater of the Sea
Family gathered around the dolphins.

Theater of the Sea offers a tropical garden setting to meet a variety of animal life, many non-releasable due to injuries or human imprinting. Our lagoon is home to dolphins, sea lions, turtles, fish, sharks, stingrays and marine invertebrates. Displays include birds of prey, alligators and crocodile. Ride the bottomless boat!

Swim with the dolphin
In our natural, saltwater lagoon. Enjoy thirty minutes of educational orientation followed by thirty minutes structured interaction in deep water with the dolphin. Swimmers will do trained behaviors such as dorsal tows and kisses, as well as snorkel with the dolphin.

Swimming with the dolphins.
Swimming with the sea lions.

Swim with the sea lion
Includes thirty minutes educational orientation prior to thirty minutes structured interaction Swimmers will do trained behaviors with the sea lions on land such as hugs and kisses, then enter a 10 foot deep natural salt water lagoon for foot pushes, hoop jumps and snorkeling.

Swim with the stingrays
Unlike their name suggests stingrays, actually docile fish, do not sting. After a fifteen minute educational orientation interact with gentle rays in shallow water where they swim up to be touched and fed. Snorkel the lagoon where marine life viewed on a reef may be seen.

Swimming with the stingrays.
Be a marine mamal trainer for a day.

Trainer for a day
Is designed to allow the public hands-on experience in the care and training of marine mammals. Participants are instructed in the basics of marine mammal training and will join in daily training sessions. Also, a behind the scenes tour to learn animal care procedures and nutrition.

Theater of the Sea

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